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Object #97 / Electrocardiogram of Arnold Schönberg

August 4, 1946

Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

“On August 2 of this year it will be three years since what I jokingly call ‘my fatality.’ […] I began the String Trio, of which I have told many people that it is a ‘humorous’ representation of my sickness, soon after I was over the worst.[…] I had believed that I had a heart attack or heart spasm. But Dr. Jones determined that this was not the case and gave me an injection of Dilaudid ‘in oder to bring the patient at ease’. It worked very quickly. […] the first thing I remember was that a man with coal-black hair was bending over me and making every effort to feed me something. […] It was Gene, the male nurse. An enormous person, a former boxer, who could pick me up and put me down again like a sofa cushion.” (Arnold Schönberg, Mein Todesfall [My Fatality], 1949) – This ECG is part of the estate of Schönberg’s physician Dr. Orren Lloyd Jones in Los Angeles.

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