Aufnahmedatum: 1948 September 13
Dauer: 4:28
Beschreibung: On the performance of contemporary music. Commentator, Thomas Freeburn Smith, also speaks. Includes performance of Schoenbergs Lieder, op. 6, no. 1 (Corey, Stein) and Piano piece, op. 33 (Stein). In English.
Signatur: 20/C; 103/D (untimed); 48/R7 (3:40); 49/R7 (4:28); 50/R7 (3:40); 105/R7 (2:49)
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THOMAS FREEBURN SMITH: And now, as a feature of this first contemporary music broadcast by KFWB, we present to you the composer of
the work, Mr. Arnold Schoenberg.

SCHOENBERG: I am very happy that the birthday of these broadcasts of contemporary music coincides with an anniversary of my own birthday.
Not only do I appreciate the honor of this selection but, even more, the friendly gesture extended to me by friends of music and, perhaps, even by friends of my own music.
Not only has this offered me the pleasure of hearing my music in excellent performances, but, that I am the first to speak to this great new audience, stimulates me to express the hope that the program committee will adhere to a principle which I usually formulated about this way: To perform a work of minor value is a smaller crime, by far a smaller crime, than to neglect the performance of a valuable work. Immaturity, if it derives from youthful sincerity, deserves indulgence.
But that sweet insincerity which aims only for success and for money should be suppressed under any circumstance. If this organization fulfills its duty in accordance with moral and artistic standards, I wonder whether one is not entitled to expect a corresponding attitude from the audience of these broadcasts. As the selection of the programs is governed by indulgence and sincerity--and sometimes also by high appreciation--why should not the listener accept what he is offered at least with interest, if not with pleasure and sometimes perhaps with a little admiration. Such an attitude would promote the success of these broadcasts of contemporary music: that is to make you acquainted with the mind of your time. Thank you.

THOMAS FREEBURN SMITH: Thank you Mr. Schoenberg. We sincerely trust that in these contemporary music broadcasts we shall maintain the standards of selection and performance you have urged and that we may on future programs have the opportunity of hearing not only more of your music but again having you as our guest. We shall now hear Miss Suzanne Corey, mezzo-soprano, accompanied by Leonard Stein singing Traumleben, or, Dreamlife, a tender love song from Mr. Schoenberg's early opus six composed in 1905. Now the mood and style of this song, you will see, is markedly romantic in character and in distinct contrast to the music of the String trio which we just heard.

[Music: Lieder, op. 6. No. 1. Traumleben]

THOMAS FREEBURN SMITH: To conclude this all-Schoenberg program we shall hear Mr. Stein playing now a short piano piece, opus 33a, which is a more modern work akin to the spirit of the Trio. Mr. Stein:

[Music: Stücke, piano, op. 33a]

THOMAS FREEBURN SMITH: KFWB has presented the first in an unusual series of broadcasts entirely devoted to performances of intimate music by the great composers of our time. Today's program was devoted to the works of Mr. Arnold Schoenberg. These programs are made possible through the volunteer efforts of the participating musicians headed by Julius Toldi, the cooperation of the Musicians Association of Los Angeles, and the staff of station KFWB. Your announcer has been Thomas Freeburn Smith.